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For this web comic project, I work as the script writer, layout artist, compositor, & background designer + artist. As one half of C.A.D. Graham, I took the lead in developing the environment design and production of any backgrounds, props, or non-human critters.

Launched in Late 2021, 'In Essence' is a coming of age, fantasy, adventure webtoon that follows Jimi, a recent and aimless college graduate, as they navigate becoming the 'essence of humanity'

Backgrounds + Layout + Critters/Props

Environment Concept Art

House Color Palette_01
House Color Palette_02
Essence Fall Palette_01
Essence Fall Palette_02

Character Sketches

'In Essence' updates every three weeks on Sundays. It is available to read on Webtoons [link found here]

Updates for the webcomic can be found on instagram @cadgraham_  + below

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